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kitchen Cry it Out
The 2019-2020 season continues at Kitchen Theatre Company with Cry It Out, the groundbreaking comedy by Molly Smith-Metzler that dives deep into the good, the bad and the ugly of parenthood, relationships and unexpected friendship. Performances of Cry It Out begin at the Kitchen Theatre Company in the Percy Browning Performance Space on Sunday, February 2 and will run through Saturday, February 22.

When two women, Jessie, a lawyer, and Lina, a nurse, find commonality in their new babies and adjacent backyards, they form an unlikely bond over a series of naptime coffee breaks and parental anecdotes. But with the addition of their career-oriented neighbor Adrienne, another new mom, and her husband Mitchell, the duo's friendship and their individual conceptions are put to the test. A candid portrayal that explores parenthood through the lens of both male-and female-centered narratives, Cry It Out is the perfect blend of comedy, strength and truth in the modern era of child care.

Director and Producing Artistic Director M. Bevin O'Gara says, "Cry It Out offers the opportunity to not only laugh, but to seriously examine exactly how parenthood has evolved over the past few decades. I saw this play with my mother, and the conversation this play opened up between us, about how parenting has changed between her generation and mine, felt so necessary to have with our audience. We must think, 'How has cultural change impacted the expectations of new parents?' Each character experiences this in one capacity or another in both funny, difficult and heartfelt ways."

Cry it Out will not only feature Broadway veterans Mikaela Izquierdo, Melissa Miller, and Brian Sgambati, but will also star Ithaca's very own Erica Steinhagen. Playing Jessie, Lina, Mitchell and Adrienne respectively, all four actors make up a seasoned ensemble, lending true authenticity to Smith-Metzler's relatable storyline.

Izquierdo says, "There are some things that are universal about motherhood--especially that very new motherhood where everything is in a haze of exhaustion and love and a realization that life will never, ever be the same--and some things that are so specific to each mother and child. Cry it Out manages to be that beautiful play that shows many sides of a vulnerable time with warmth, truth, and humor- and the importance of friendship through it all."

The creative team for Cry It Out will be rounded out with Scenic Design by Daniel Zimmerman (Girlfriend, Boom), Lighting Design by Tyler M. Perry (Bright Half Life, Throw Pitchfork, Peter and the Starcatcher, I and You, The House, Opus, etc.), Costume Design by Safarina Bush (The Royale) and Sound Design by Associate Producer, Lesley Greene (The Roommate, Ironbound, among others). Properties Master is Indigo Shea, Technical Director is Brendan Komala and Production Stage Manager is Jennifer Schilansky.

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